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Vintage Wedding Couple
barush Released Dec 08, 2011
This is my grandmother's uncle and his wife.

A bit of back story: The photo was probably taken sometime in the late 1930s in what was then Czechoslovakia. My grandmother's uncle was German, but he married a Czech woman and they lived together in Czechoslovakia. After the WWII, the government decided on the "expulsion of Germans" from Czechoslovakia (it's a sensitive issues until now) and so my grandmother's uncle was put on a transfer back to Germany, never to see his wife again, even though he was an active part of the Czech resistance.

Luckily, my great-grandfather was able to get enough signatures on a petition that said that my gran's uncle really had fought against the German troops. Then he took that piece of paper and followed the transfer, which was already almost at the German borders. Until now, no one really knows how he did it in the end, but my great-grandfather was able to return the German husband to his Czech wife and they really did live a happily ever after :)
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