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Occupy v1
missamerica Released Dec 07, 2011

First of all, a confession:  I haven’t watched any of the OWS remixes.  My apologies to RyanPatrick, Redheadedmonster and others who have done, what I imagine to be, great remixes so far.  I haven’t watched them because, while I think that seeing other remixes can be a great way to take what others have done and be inspired by them, I felt very strongly, in this case especially, that I needed to find my own voice within all of this footage.  I wanted to find out what I thought.

This was very much a labour of love for me.  One of the things that makes this subject and all of this amazing footage so difficult to remix is that you can’t skim through it.  There’s no hunting-and-pecking for the shots that you want.  You have to watch. And listen.

Another thing that makes it difficult in this case is that the footage belongs to someone else.  It would have been entirely different if I had been the one there filming it; I’d have my memory to fall back on and say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that someone said something that might be useful here…’.  Instead, it’s more of a ‘shared’ memory.  In order for me to have a memory of it, I had to relive it.

My goal with this video was to start out slowly and let it build and build until it nearly overheats.  Wirrow’s music is absolutely perfect for this;  that boy does know how to build up suspense and tension and excitement in his music.  However, because I think that the voice overs and descriptions are important, I want to save anyone the trouble of having to recreate it, so I’m going to upload a version without Wirrow’s beautiful music in the background.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough.  Thanks for reading (and watching).


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