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in my mind everybody's equal.

life is like a movie, but there ain't gonna be a sequel.

one thing that's cool though, every single day

you get to choose which part you're gonna play.

IMAGINE: just when you thought you were a zero,

now you've come to learn that you have always been the hero

with the power to ward off any danger

by the brave act of simply helping out a stranger

tragic comedy looking for some action

you'll cause more drama if you forget about compassion

and remember if god is the director

the galaxies are like dancing dust in the light of a projector

there seems to be some confusion with the plot

it got all twisted into something that it's not

the antagonists are always winning

linda blair, exorcist, head spinning

you feel your heart drop right into your gut

you try to stay in character 'til somebody yells "cut!"

the odds are stacked as you try to attack

you can't quite figure out what's been holding you back

paralyzed by fear as your enemy draws nearer,

but when you see 'em, it's like looking in the mirror

then all at once, you know exactly what to do

when all along your only enemy was YOU.
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