A quick one while listening to "Yes, we're sinking" by eaneikciv which I heard from brookeduckart 's "raindrops (reMIX-02) animation . Lovely records which I kinda fell deeply in love with. haha


  • Just%20me
    wow this is beautiful <3
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    Yes! This is so beautiful <3
  • Aj_hrprofile
    This is amazing chopsticksroad...love everything about it! <3
    by 12.42
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    by Dina
  • Eaneikciv
    Beautiful. This makes me so happy :)
  • I_am_a_fish

    @brookeduckart Thank you!♥
    @12.42 You're too kind. (; v ;) ♥Glad you love it! c:
    @Dina Haha, thank you! c:
    @eaneikciv Thank you! c: Happy that you're happy!

    And thank you so much guys for the recommends!♥♥♥ You're awesome!
  • Prof
    So much inspiration :)
  • Dc
    The world has never seemed so still.
    Flocking thoughts and misread lips
    Churning out modern day history,
    Rock in hand, rock in head.
    Mow down all the mountains to climb,
    Giggle the pebble a little bit more
    And count your blessings in disguise
    As they march through your front door.
    The flowers here are paper mache.
    Turn on the tv one more time
    And watch the movement you once knew
    Find its way past the clouds
    Into the heart and back again
    Beyond the rock, beyond the hand.
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