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blurry christmas lights AND dancing dust, can it really get any better than this?

i left this footage pretty much unedited (minus the parts of my kids bumping into the camera that i decided to take out). christmas lights are one of my favorite things, blurry ones are even better, and this dust is just magical. it kinda reminds me of snow, which we sadly don't get much of here in mississippi. i hope this inspires someone to make something wintery and beautiful :)

i just added the background music out of boredom. it's called "flurry" and it was my first RECord i ever posted here almost a year ago, i can't believe it's been that long already!

**disclaimer: i mayyy have shaken an old blanket in front of the camera to get extra dusts in a few shots. just didn't want anyone thinking my house is always this dusty. i have way too many dusty video RECords (dusty dance, dusty piano) - maybe it's a sign that i should clean my house.

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