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SO. Collabs are awesome! But it's difficult keeping up with which ones are already out there. As part of the HelpCompletRECord Project (which aims to create an opportunity for people who need assistance finishing projects find those who can give them a hand) I am going to try and do these Collab Shout Outs every week :D When I do my audisodes for the Help CompletRECord Project, I will also try to include a segment outlining the new collabs for each week. The format for this is still up for change (this was just the first time) and the information may be hard to read right now. I'll tweak each week till I get stuff right ;) Hope this is helpful for some!

Oh, and as far as finding the collabs go, you can use the number typed with the entry to locate that particular collab by url (all numbers are preceded by “” to get to them; just add the number after the last slash).

Don't forget, you can also put up Work Requests for your Collabs in the Help CompletRECord Project as well to give people more specific direction on portions of your projects :D Cheers!

PS - I plan to start trying to maintan a list of the collabs on a single RECord. I'll add that in here and make it a result of each Collabs Count Shout Out :)

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