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These are my recommendations for Sunday, November 20:

  1. A Smoky RECord by SamYam: Another fantastic Hitrecord logo animation made by SamYam, especially I love the effect of the smoke at the beginning, great job!

  2. Doodle – Josephine by cat-cat: I love cat-cat’s drawings and I think that this one is one of my favorite; I love the colors and the expression in Josephine’s face, Wonderful!

  3. Earth/water/sky by saintmaker: This picture is just breathtaking, the colors are just unreal, this looks like a magical place, I love it!

  4. Fairy Tale Ending by DianeFT: Diane took this amazing drawing made by Lea Daniel and turned it into a great tiny story, this is fantastic!

  5. Into Midnight by Marielv: I am agree with Joe’s comment: this feels like a new level, I am in love with this animation, great job Mariel!

  6. Illuminate: Weapon (REmix) by Kavonne: There is a lot of amazing records about Occupy and Kavonne did a fantastic job doing this Remix, I love all the elements that she chose! 

  7. Imagine where we can go from here! By brookeduckart: I love this, especially I love the way how she used the red button, fantastic job!!!

  8. Meer-Lion by swaylooza: one more time swaylooza did a wonderful drawing for the High-Bred Animals collab made by MadisenMusic, and she did an amazing job as always!

  9. I propose a repetition by briwil: This is a great video made by briwil; this is perfect and a really creative way to show the Joe’s Proposition VO.

  10. Hursery (Tiny Film REmix) by MattConley: This is a fantastic remix/video made by Matt; this is one of my favorite tiny films so far!

  11. OCCUPY (REmix) by Fractaldust: This is another fantastic Occupy Remix, watching all this faces you probably understand what this is all about and how important it is.

  12. Oopsy Daisy by Reverie: This is a really wonderful remix, I love it, this is very clever and  funny, love it!

  13. Raindrops by mirtle: There’s no single drawing made by mirtle, that I don’t like and this is not the exception, this is great and beautiful!

  14. Letters - Tiny Film by suzyrene: Another example of a fantastic tiny film, this is really lovely and wonderful, I wish I could do things like that! :o)

  15. Sinking by Cisco: Cisco is one of my favorite hitrecorders, and this drawing is just fantastic, the style is unique and that’s one of the things that I love about it!

  16. Tiny Cover Foil Samples by Marke: I love this because is another way to show our Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, I am so proud of this and of Hitrecord! We all are! Aren’t’ we?

  17. Tread softly ... by Bloemday: once again Bloemy doing her magic with this wonderful remix, she is just fantastic and her remixes are my favorites! Great job bloemy!

  18. Tiny Breakfast (a tiny film) by cat-cat: I love this tiny film, is one of my favorites, BRAVO cat-cat! PS: the sound of the egg cracking at the end: Priceless!

  19. Music Recommendations for this week:  Dream Orchestra by Madrond101 & Run through Time by Johnnyclyde: I can’t live without music, who can? I have my iPod full of Hitrecord music, and this two amazing songs are part of this, I love both so I had to use this for my video of this week.

HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK EVERYONE!!! And remember Sundays are for RE recs.

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