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Here are the words for this, in case you would like them:

There once was a land of four colorful strands — blue, red, purple and green

Each boasted a unique harvest of their very own with bountiful, curious things

In Bluestradt they had beautiful whaparnacles, in Redstradt they had tasty prings

In Purplestradt they raised fat abordolooz and in Greenstradt they made warm dahfeem

Now within each land of colorful strands there lived people an awesome assortment of shades

The Bluestradt whaparnacle carvers are blue in hue and Redstradt cooks crimson of face

Purplestradt wranglers are both red and blue, Greenstradt clothiers blue or yellow-skin graced

And they all had a way of unknowingly interacting that at a glance might seem kind of strange

Those who were blue enjoyed fruits multitude; dahfeem shirts, whaparnacle rings and domesticated abordolooz

While those who were red ate prings deliciously prepared and had access to abordolooz for their own uses, too

And yellows were always so amazingly arrayed with dahfeem hats, socks, dresses, scarves, boots and suits

They would share all these precious objects within their own color culture, but made one pay if you were outside the loop

So blues gave to blues and reds gave to reds and yellows gave to yellows like everyone else did

The yellows had clothes and the reds food in droves and the blues had gabardines, beasts and gems

But the reds needed dahfeem for freezing incarnadine winters and blue needed pring seeds to plant them

And the yellows so resplendent could hardly live without the whaparnacle accessories blue’s fashioned

Each needed each but only for so many things and quickly the picture is born

That the blues need the least because they have the most and the yellows the most because their coffers are shorn

While the reds, though they had something the yellows did not, could benefit from a little bit more

Just or unjust, due to lack or largess of resource, gradually, of course, a social system does form

Now one might be tempted to say the story ends here, but that isn’t how this story goes

For one day one color gave freely to another, though who started it we don’t rightly know,

We’re uncertain how long it took to catch on, but eventually this propensity grows

To the point that every color is giving to one another and the old system automatically implodes

In a world where the dahfeem, whaparnacle and prings and abordolooz are shared equally

It isn’t too much of a surprise to discover that blues, reds and yellows mixed and had new colored babies

They were indigos and oranges, very explorative little sojourners, who surveyed every land length and wave on the seas

Where they founded more places for colors to collaborate together in a united community

Their civilization thrived, they built pretty ships they could fly, and set out into the universe with a plan

“Let’s spread the truth of what we’ve learned to as many as we can! Go forth! Expound and expand!”

They zoom all around us every day in their rockets, they are light in all of its spectrums

So when you see a rainbow or how colors all work as one just remember how it all began...

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