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TanjaTHEAwesome Released Nov 12, 2011

You. Who Are You? Seek the answer in silence.. Have you, Found it yet? Find it! Find it! I see, I see who you are. Inside your heart, I see. A universe of infinite possibility. Made from particles of everything. You are Me and I am You. There is no end to us. We do not die. We do not. Die.What we truly are is not found in words. No names. No science. No magic. Beyond Knowledge. Lost in Wisdom. Lost in Silence. Be still. Be quiet. Let your thoughts sleep. And begin to dream. Breathe. Think of your breath. Breath is what gives life. Something so simple keeps us alive. In that moment between dreams and waking. In that Silence. In that breath. We find our truth. We find our selves. Have you found you yet? We are all Gods. There is no one above us. We are all equal. We are all sacred. You are infinite, You are Forever. Forget the world of plastic you grew-up in. Broken Gods created that world of sadness. Let that old world fade to blackness. Let Hollywood's light burn out. Let the red carpet fade. Turn your attention back to your dreams. We are Gods creating in worlds of dream and thought. We bridge reality and fiction through creation. Colors, Sound, Images, Text, and Motion. These are the worlds we created. Remember. Remember. Your dreams are sacred. Your dreams are worlds. Your dreams are real. Dreams never die. From your dreams Build new worlds of light and color. Worlds of Love and laughter. A place for minds like ours to play. 

Dream a dream for me. 
The grandest most beautiful dream.
Then bring this dream into reality.
And make a new world for you and me....

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