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Someone's Dream
Joab Nevo Released Nov 10, 2011

Someone's Dream

She's here between us

But time is on our side

Her face keeps crawling in

But it's OK

She'll never stay

I will steal the stars for you

To live in taxis

It can't be so bad

To live in someone's dream

It could be nice

I'd love to live in yours

I will kill the beast for you

We are bound to be free


If we just hang on


For it is soon to be

Just you and me

Her ghost

Will carry on

 We will be happy

Just sip our tea

And laugh until we ache

It will be you and me

Cos it has to be

Her ghost must soon be gone

And when we're drowning

Just bear in mind

The shore is getting near

We'll soon be laughing

Just laughing at ourselves

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