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That's right, it's time to make Tiny Films out of our Tiny Stories. As you may or may not know, "Tiny Stories" has a 3 book deal with 'IT! Books' and imprint of Harper Collins, and wel Volume 1 is set to release soon.  So we need to start turning some Tiny Stories into Tiny Films to celebrate! Plus - they will be included in the E-Book copy of Volume 1, exciting right?

Here's what to do:

  • RECord a Voiceover of a Tiny Story that you think is suitable to be made into a Tiny Film. 

  • Animators, take the illustrations of these Tiny Stories and animate them with a voiceover and music  

I RECorded a bunch of voiceovers, so feel free to check out that album.

Okay,  The deadline is actually tight, but I don't want to startle ya so I won't say it. 

Thanks Again!



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