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11/6 reREX
themetafictionist Released Nov 05, 2011

reRECs for 11/6/11:

Trailer -Le Onzieme Rendez-vous Galant de Morgan et Destinee, le Zoo Zeppelin - suzyrene

Scared Elephant - kelseyinkol

Falling - 12.42

Wicked Witch Sugarcube - plenty_of_paper

Wirrow Mask Making Time Lapse - cchellez

Mob Mentality - RyanPatrick

Joe, Josephine, and Father Joel - DayGlo

The Muderous Due of Josephine and Joe - LilacAmy

HitRECord on Halloween album mentions:

RegularJoe, Dr Gory, Swaylooza, HelloLindsayyyyyy, chelsea.e and doverpeak

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