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Rarely has a RECord struck me as emotionally as stargirl1013's "Starlight Drive-In" vignette. The camerawork was raw and seemed like such a personal perspective of what remained of a local movie drive-in she had just discovered.

Her reflections were so striking to me and she had matched her voice over with the perfect companion in amferraro's "careless young." Normally in a remix containing voice over I may ask for the track separate, but I was able to trim and rearrange it with the music in tact. In a way it preserved the precious timing of the original.

Drive-in footage was tough to come by but I think the visual emphasis in the cutaways is more about the people themselves that used to sit in their cars watching movies together rather than grandiose cinematography of the drive-in experience. Besides, stargirl1013's piece was really about what remains of what once was.

I love drive-ins, and I'm glad that some are still around. I hope more will be built for future generations.

The following Public Domain footage was used:

"Drive-In Intermission 23" -

"Drive-In Movie Ads A Go-Go" -

"Very Special Coffee" -

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