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The Sorrow
rayperez Released Oct 27, 2011

i rapped a verse on spiritmath's amazing remix of megancarnes' amazing score to metaphorest's amazing play :)


it's hard to be free, from a cage i can't see, my biggest enemy, has always been me! i used to ignore the voices that said "make the right choices." always irresponsible, 3 times i ended up in the hospital, and the fact that i ain't a cat, means i better be wise, or i'll run out of lives. 3 kids and a wife are sure to change a life, but even at that, i was still falling back into the trap, and found comfort in slack, but i'm sick of that crap, i'm off of that map. i'm finding myself, i'm cleaning my shelf. i was living in hell, wasn't doing too well, cause it's not cool to be crazy, it's not fair to be lazy, and i'm done with the chemically induced fun. it don't phase me. but ain't trying to judge, so don't get me wrong. i wouldn't be here right now if my path wasn't long. if i had taken the straight and narrow, i might have more dinero, but that ain't worth nothing to me if there ain't no tomorrow. so i'm sorry if i caused any sorrow , now i'm just trying to payback all the time that i borrowed.
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