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Girl, Interrupted
4pressPLAYStef Released Oct 25, 2011

Good Day hitRECorders.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who have defended me in response to Joe’s rather abrasive and unforgiving comment.  I too was taken aback by these actions, especially considering that I received no advance notification that my account and IP address would be blocked, and all my material deleted.  Some had presumed I “was talked to” prior to these actions – please know that wasn’t the case, so be sure to back up all of your material and not only rely on this site.  You never know when the next victim will be fired without even the courtesy to first “clear out their desk”.  Very harsh HR! 

Luckily for me, I did back up my material (most of it anyway), so this recent abomination of Joe’s is just a blip on the radar scale I call life.  I have been through way too much in life (almost dying last year to name one), for something as miniscule as this to affect my everyday activities.  So for those of you who were worried that I might do something unstable because of this debauchery, thank you for your concern buts rest assured I plan to live on, and live on with my sick sense of humor to boot. :-)  Don’t get me wrong, I will certainly miss interacting with all of you talented and creative people – I hope to still cross paths with those I’ve come to known (for those I’m not already connected with, you can reach me on Twitter @ PressPLAYStef).

As for Joe though, I believe he needs a lesson in a few things – forgiveness, empathy, theater etiquette, and his own HR rules to name a few.  When I first joined hitRECord in November, I found it interesting that one of the terms and conditions was that one’s account could not be deleted. I believe the wording was something along the lines of, “Sorry we don’t delete.  Once you’re here, you’re here for life.”  Additionally, I believed this to be a place where collaboration was indeed welcomed – without exception.  In fact, I recall Joe stating that very few RECords are ever considered “finished.”  

I say this because Joe seems to take the position wholeheartedly that Mr. Rian Johnson’s script was in fact, completed.  I do apologize to Mr. Johnson if that was the case.  Although my actions were not at all intended to be rude, I can understand how some may have seen them as such.  At the end of the day though, I in fact did not break any of hitRECord’s rules or regulations.  On the other hand, Joe himself did, and he also led a “lynch mob” of followers to do the same!  The terms and conditions of hitRECord state that “a user may not post, upload, or distribute any defamatory, libelous, or inaccurate Submissions, RECords or other content.”  The legal definition of defamatory is such: to say things that are harmful to another person’s image, that are untrue, and that are communicated to someone other than the person being defamed.  Joe has violated his own terms and conditions by openly calling me selfish, claiming to know my intentions, predicting what I would have done next, alleging that I was trying to steal the spotlight and so on – all untrue, all harmful to my character, and all stated to everyone except for me!  I only found out about this post because a dear friend and hitRECorder came across it. Very embarrassing.  I would expect someone of Joe’s stature to handle these types of situations a little bit more professionally.  Yes, I may have inserted myself into the scene which wasn’t the best decision looking back, but Joe is the one who went on to engage me in conversation, which is quite evident now that Tarin has uploaded the soundboard audio.  I would say that after viewing this RECord, we can see how Joe’s actions may seem retaliatory in nature and how it is very confusing that at one point in time, he goes so far as to have the audience applaud me, and then a week later, leads the charge against me.  

I understand the other point of view, that this was a “scripted scene” and that it was intended to be performed solely by two actors.  My improvisation may not have been the best decision on my part.  After initially reading some of the comments from original postings of the scene, I openly apologized to the hitRECord community and to both Joe and Neil Patrick Harris via Twitter.  My actions do not warrant insults that I am rude, selfish and do not know how to act in a theater.  I grew up in New York City, where I have had the privilege to see many live shows, including but not limited to Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.  I have seen performers become frustrated, even occasionally break the fourth wall due to ringing cell phones and loud speaking while performing.  To hold hitRECord’s Fall Formal to the same standards as the other type of environment, where there is indeed exclusively an audience and exclusively performers is, in my opinion, ludicrous.

There is a saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  I think this is a fitting statement in this case.  The actions of hitRECord were and continue to be just as rude, if not worse because they are supposedly taking the “high road” when they issue statements such as this type of behavior will not be tolerated.  They should have just suspended my account, or given me a warning, or banned me from live shows, or said something at the Fall Formal indicating it was not acceptable. How about saying “sorry, this seat is taken” instead of blatantly inviting me to become involved in conversation during the scene. 

Oh well, it Joe’s decision, his company, he calls the rules.  Definitely no democracy here! Speaking of which, perhaps I’ll go down to Wall Street and give my Halloween Show tickets (purchased way before any of this hoopla) to some of the Occupiers down there. It’s quite obvious someone as rude as myself would not be welcomed to the show. And conversely, I’d rather not advocate an organization that treats their supporters like mere minions instead of members of a fair, civilized community.  Good luck to you all, and please keep in touch!  

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