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Girl, Interrupted
4pressPLAYStef Released Oct 25, 2011

Good Day hitRECorders.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who have defended me in response to Joe’s rather abrasive and unforgiving comment.  I too was taken aback by these actions, especially considering that I received no advance notification that my account and IP address would be blocked, and all my material deleted.  Some had presumed I “was talked to” prior to these actions – please know that wasn’t the case, so be sure to back up all of your material and not only rely on this site.  You never know when the next victim will be fired without even the courtesy to first “clear out their desk”.  Very harsh HR! 

Luckily for me, I did back up my material (most of it anyway), so this recent abomination of Joe’s is just a blip on the radar scale I call life.  I have been through way too much in life (almost dying last year to name one), for something as miniscule as this to affect my everyday activities.  So for those of you who were worried that I might do something unstable because of this debauchery, thank you for your concern buts rest assured I plan to live on, and live on with my sick sense of humor to boot. :-)  Don’t get me wrong, I will certainly miss interacting with all of you talented and creative people – I hope to still cross paths with those I’ve come to known (for those I’m not already connected with, you can reach me on Twitter @ PressPLAYStef).

As for Joe though, I believe he needs a lesson in a few things – forgiveness, empathy, theater etiquette, and his own HR rules to name a few.  When I first joined hitRECord in November, I found it...

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