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Sweet, Sharp Cold
tagooey Released Oct 24, 2011

I’ve never really done anything like this before, ever, and am really happy with the results! I wanted to make a spooky short for Halloween and searched the site for a text record to use and wound up finding Metaphorest’s poem. Luckily there was a very creepy and wonderful reading done by rachelb of the poem.

MeganCarnes created this brilliant Little Horror Theme, and Johnnyclyde added some extra spooky elements to it, and they created this incredible audio record that just inspired me so much to turn that little reading into a longer video.

Though I know the poem was originally inspired by an image of a doll by Lindseyd, I interpreted it as a poem about a woman who makes you fall in love with her, but then turns out to be a vampire and sucks the life out of you. So I’m hoping the words work with what MikeK and I recorded. I think it makes sense, but hey I obsessed over it for a few days to make sure it works out :o)

This actually went through a few changes. First it was going to be a video with a girl and a guy and then at the end the girl bites the guy. Then it was going to be a long take of just a girl. And the third script I wrote ended up being this.  I really wanted to do the long take, but we didn’t have enough space to work with, that would have been so awesome! And this was all supposed to take place in a cemetery, but the closest one that is open at night is 50 mins away…and I couldn’t break into the ones close by, ya know how it goes. And we couldn't shoot too early in the day, vampires don’t like light. We shot this around sundown in a shaded area.

Side note: I crashed into a tree branch while shooting one of those twirling scenes and cut myself! I have a large gash on my lower back haha. I thought the branch actually punctured me and went into my body!! Haha, now that would have been creepy :o)

Big thanks to MikeK for shooting this for me and doing a damn good job at it too, exactly how I pictured it :o)

It's a little spooky and a little silly and I like it, I hope you like it too :o) 

If anyone wants the RAW footage, let me know and I can upload it. 

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