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circuitous beats v2 (3?)
cacheth Released Oct 23, 2011

this is definitely becoming more of a dream-like narrative exploration, which I'm not sure is the direction it's supposed to go, but it's sorta leading the way all by itself. I'm not actually driving this thing, I'm just putting it on paper. :'D

sorry this gets so loosey-goosey towards the end, but being that this is a work in progress (and will be for a while) I managed to convince myself out of feeling bad for uploading it like this.

if you ever felt the need to get a closer insight to the process of an ADD artist, this looks a lot like it.

I totally started this evening with an excellent work ethic, but then I started watching 'How to Train Your Dragon' and that put a right stop to that.

also, I kept her in black instead of white (mostly) like IrmaVep's image, 'cause I wanted to maintain some continuity of character and keep the contrast between the male and female figures for later. just so you know. :D

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