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We kicked off Act II of the Fall Formal with a traditional theatrical performance.  I had put out a request for writers to write a scene that was set in the audience of the Fall Formal.  Rcjohnso contributed a beautifully written piece, and I asked the wonderful actor, Neil Patrick Harris to perform it with me.  Jared cleared the four seats in front of us so Tarin could get a good two-shot, and Neil and I took our seats with the lights down.

The piece's title and a writing credit for rcjohnso came up on the screen, the drummer gave us a drum roll, the lights came up, and we began.  The scene was playing very well; the crowd was enormously responsive.  And then, about half way through, an attendee of the Fall Formal named PressPlaySTEF walked up to us and said "excuse me," interrupting the scene.  Neil and I stood up and let her sit down in the seat next to Neil.  She sat down, as if it were her seat.  

In fact, IT WAS NOT HER SEAT, we reserved that ticket in order to guarantee that nobody would interrupt the scene.  

Wanting to avoid an awkward distraction, I tried to make the situation as comfortable as possible.  However, I was pretty sure that if I didn't say anything, she would interrupt the scene further, so I broke the action, acknowledged her, gave her a round of applause, and then made her promise she wouldn't talk during the rest of the scene.

I'll admit there was something momentarily charming about the chaos PressPlaySTEF inserted into the situation.  However, I must say that what she did was extremely selfish and disrespectful.  Stefanie is a talented performer, as...

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