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seldelaterre Released Oct 16, 2011

There’s something else you may not know

About the world of your shadow

I do not mean to contradict-

But dearest darling, you’ve been tricked

Because you’ve read our shadow lore

You know they come in sets of four

and almost always stay unseen-

except, of course, on Shadoween.

For Shadoween’s a holiday

Where every shadow comes to stay

And roam around our earthly plane

In human form with human name

So on October thirty-first

They’re all among our kind dispersed

They venture forth from their dark home

The Noondays, Longrays, Midlights, and Gloam.

It starts with Longrays, tall and proud

An excellent and cultured crowd

They come at dawn to greet the day

And in the dusky hours play

And once the sun is up and bright

You may run into your Midlight-

Who with a smile and shifting frame

Will somehow seem to know your name

How Noondays love their Shadoween!

This day to break the dull routine

When in the sun they all cavort

(but still remain so very short)

But if there were a shadow caste

Who wait most for October’s last

To have a chance to leave their home

That group would surely be the Gloam

On Shadoween the night is long

And full of joy, replete with song

It’s the one day of every year

When nighttime is the most revered

In our dark cities, in our towns

The Gloam come out and poke around

And no one gives them any fuss

We look like them, they look like us.

So if you’re lucky you may see

A shadow-person walking free

Just be a friend and say hello

You’ll make their night before they go. 

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