Katewithlove Released Oct 10, 2011

In a life of being human LOVE is natural

It's physical, primal, emotional

It's that electric shock

It's not simple...

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  • Mattguitarrock
    i agree sweetheart. love, its not simple, its contractions and expansions.. the pulsation of a heart beating as our minds give birth to ideas and thoughts which hang in the ancient gallery of our soul, that little spark of life that defines passion.. of dark mattr and light, spread across the expanse of space and time.. across the universe..strawberry fields forever.

    are you like love, a complex solution to a simple problem? a simple solution to a complex problem? a free wheel, that spins for the desires and dreams we dare to believe in?

    does love need variables, to solve the equations of the soul? or the heart? or our minds.. linked to each other beyond basic interaction, now more then ever?

    -matthew r.

    do you think people use those three worlds too much, or not enough?
    Oct 10, 2011
  • Dscn4492
    thank you to the two that recommended this record of mine.
    To answer your question if Love is spoken too much or not enough... it depends on the context. Love is something you don't enter lightly but it also something one can fall into. But truely Love can be a word often misused. it is really just a persons own and can be said in many ways, said as often as one takes a breath. sometimes it is not spoken at all but is still around even if you don't hear it or notice its presence.
    Oct 15, 2011
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