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One Year Later...
SmudgeofPaint Released Oct 07, 2011

Well, it’s October the 7th, which means that it’s my HitRECordiversary today :] One whole year! & let me tell you: it’s been an amazing one.

This has probably been the most productive, creative, inspired, exciting, eye-opening year. I’ve done things that, without HitRECord, I never would have done. I never would have had the courage or the motivation or the inspiration to do such things. I mean, I've actually done work that I'm proud of! [For the love of RECords, I made a stop motion! Me! Who’d have thought it?!] There’s really only one things I owe it to, & that’s the people in this beautiful community.

In the year I’ve been a part of this community, all I’ve received is encouragement, motivation, inspiration, congratulations, & all the things that make me smile & want to do more. When I first discovered HitRECord, I looked through all the RECords, scrolling & clicking & gazing in awe, I told myself I was crazy, and signing up would be absolutely mental, because I could never produce or even think of the things that people seemed to do so with ease and a smile on their faces. But then I took the first step and joined, hoping beyond hope that this would be something I could learn from and find myself in.

Long story short: You people—yes, you—you are all AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously, you guys are just beyond anything I could have hoped for on HitRECord. You’re the people who put stars in the sky, make sunset & sunrises, paint colors into clouds, add joy to life, and then turn around & tell me “Come on! Make something beautiful with us!” & even though it doesn’t work, or just flops, there’s always people to push me right back up to try again.

Also, collaboration is an amazing thing. I can be inspired by anything here & just work from that, build on it, spin ideas around it, and I can collaborate with the artist! How awesome is that?! You don’t need to ask for permission or be careful of looking like you just colored in someone else’s work, because it’s still cool to do that. & I’ve discovered that, for me, it feels like there is no greater honor than to be Remixed.

This is where I’d like to add just a special thank you to a few people. Firstly, I most definitely need to give a MASSIVE thank you to the painty lady who introduced me [unwittingly] to HitRECord. That is, I want to thank paintyhands, Miss Lula, so very, very much. It was through her that I first really discovered HitRECord, and she really opened me up to a world where I could act on the inspiration I gained, rather than just sitting there taking in the art of it all. I gained a new perspective because of Miss Lula, and I am forever grateful to her for being her painty self and inspiring me in so many ways.

From paintyhands, I discovered Metaphorest. I first heard of her when I listened to ‘Lemonade,’ which is a beautiful song to listen to and experience. Miss Sarah really was the lady who brought me to the decision to join. I read her gorgeous MMM scripts, listened to her songs, and really just thought that if there was anything I wanted to be exposed to, it was this. It was the magic woven into prose, music, images, and incredibly strong friendships between HitRECorders acquired through HitRECord.

Of course, there has to be a gigantic thank you to Mr Bossman, so: Thank you, Mr RegularJoe! He’s created not just a website, a production company, a creative space, but a community where the most wonderful souls can be found and inspiration is passed around & collaborated with between everyone.

& last, but most definitely not least, I’d like to thank every single one of you stunningly, beautifully, amazing people who I absolutely love for everything you’ve given me in this glorious year. Really, without you guys, it’d just be another plain old year. I'm not going to name all of you, because there are SO MANY of you, & really every single person has given me something that I cannot thank them for enough. I try to tell you all as much as possible that you're all absolutely beautiful, & even then it's not enough.

So, there's my super-cheesy, kinda cliche HitRECordiversary thank you :]

Lav, lav, lav.