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been inspired by some really awesome paper cut out designs i've seen lately. so i tried putting similar paper cut outish type things together and then it started turning into a fall formal scene. in the end i think it's a little bit boring for a poster but maybe someone can make sthng else out of it.

irrelevant question : do you like artists that keep trying new styles out or artists that have a distinct style that they stick to?

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    A little of both. I like it when an artist is immediately recognizable, but I also think it behooves the artist to try new styles, if only to challenge themselves to grow in a new direction. There's a great essay by D.H. Lawrence called "Why the Novel Matters" where he talks about the importance of growing in all directions, not just one. I think that to become fixated on one style may result in stifling your future work. Who we are now may be different than who we are in 10 or 15 years. By experimenting with your style, you can develop a fuller sense of who you are as a person and an artist. And of course, everything you do will contain a little bit of you, so you're not really abandoning your style, ever. You're just exploring.
    I love this image! I love how you played with shades here... very effective.
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    That's quite cute.
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    Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Personally I prefer consistency in style and overall presentation. But I love it when an artist changes their environments from piece to piece. Take Stanley Kubrick, for instance. I look forward to the zoom-ins, unique camera angles, Steadicam shots, and various other characteristics in each of his films. I even look forward to similar themes (dehumanization, insanity, etc.) But it's the drastically different environments that make each of his movies really unique and continuously fascinating, even if the films exhibit similar style and tones.
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    new styles! i'm always amazed by the different stuff people pull out of themselves around here. a few years ago, i took an art class where the very-inspired teacher had me doing these jazzy, abstract paintings that i just never thought i had in me. (i'm still not into jazzy abstracts, but the cool part was being surprised.)
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    Lovely! Tho I have to point out I almost missed the 'Fall Formal' in the background. Perhaps it could be made more obvious?
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