just playing around with an open D tuning

  • Hitrecordwirrowsymbol
    featured by: wirrow (global curator)
    date: 18th september 2012

    the reason i featured is because as i heard this i could hear Metaphorest singing over it:p absolutely no pressure meta.. but seriously i think this awesome plucking could use some vocals to begin with..

    ive had this on repeat for a while..
    by wirrow
  • Mirtle
    this track takes you on such a lovely journey and would go awesome with the journey of jeanine :)
    by mirtle
  • 66
    this is amazing. love the feel- it's such a happy mood setter (: this really is a lovely front porch tune!
  • Loddi-1651738
    such a great guitar thingy dingy ya did there. I just stopped what I was doing, started recording, started singing. felt right. If you dig the song I put to it, perhaps you have some ideas on where to take it from there? peace to ya!
  • Ishmael3
    This reminds me of summer. Light and airy with a cool crisp evening. Lovely, with a Nick Drake feel.
  • Grete%20ny%20icon
    So this is beautiful. ^_^ Putting together a piano riff for it.
  • Body%20art
    this is beautiful.
  • Mirtle
    beautiful playing, welcome to hitRECord :D
    by mirtle
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