EDIT: There are a lot of awesome REmixes that take this song to a whole other level, go check them out!

I loved wirrow's "things" tiny story and illustration, so I used it to write another tiny tune. I would love love LOVE to have this remixed, harmonies, instruments (especially where the vocals have just ended) oohs and ahhs, background noises, whatever you feel like doing. If anyone's interested, I could try to get a better recording without so much background noise. And stems. Just lemme know :)

CHORDS are G and B Minor


  • Imagem2
    i'm in love with this
  • Dsc_0111
    This is lovely. Beautiful harmonies!
  • Dsc_3701
    Fantastic! I love the bits of rustle in the background at one point; really adds a depth.
  • Scarletoak
    just now hearing this, but I certainly am in love with it!
  • 10384100_10154322066685624_6943902120541392096_n
    oh remind me of Laura Veirs, beautiful!
  • Heartstrings
    by bell
  • Al-icon
    yep! it's official. i knew something was missing in my world over the past several weeks. it was your tiny tunes! and just your music overall :)) vicki, this is beautiful & i can't wait to play with it a bit this weekend. not sure what i can do, but we shall see <333
  • Brennansweaterphant
    Another breathtaking, gorgeous song. You have the loveliest voice!
    by blbest
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