The Prize Music Video
Ryan Patrick Released ago

This is my first cut of the video for the Prize. Ray's footage is really really good but there definitely needs to be more. Ahem uhhhh Regular Joe needs to record his part (calling you out bro) and also there could even be more too. Any suggestions will help as far as what else should be done to the video or should be done differently. So please watch and enjoy and leave me some feedback. 




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  • Librarygirl6-1497720
    I agree this will work a lot better once Joe shoots footage of his part, but I think this is a great start.
  • Snapshot-88
    oooohhhhh nice Ryan! :)
  • Kouralilly-1530361
    is there anyone on the site who knows how to breakdance? :DDD (or knows someone who does?) I feel like we could get a lot of quick edits of people dancing...

    Ryan, this is excellent!
    by cacheth
  • Img_20130606_021215
    great job ryan.. i was holding off on editing this till joe got off his but and filmed his verse .. but glad somebody tackled it
  • 11690018
    i spend a lot of time taking classes and working at a dance studio, as well as being involved in the dance show at my high school . i could contribute a few shots of hip hop and breakdance?
    by TaliaLM
  • Screen_shot_2014-08-22_at_4.49.57_pm
    Thanks Eric. Yeah I've been holding off for a while too for that same reason. But hopefully this will rekindle the flames and Joe will film his part and some other editors will jump on board with this.
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