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let's play pretend
until the end, 
whenever that will be.

we'll dress in gowns 
and dance around 
and jump into the sea.

we'll float and fly 
straight through the sky 
in our hot air balloon,

and then we'll race 
to outer space 
and steal ourselves the moon.

let's make believe 
and never leave 
our own fantasy land.

we'll sing love songs 
forever long, 
now wouldn't that be grand?

and even though 
inside we'll know 
nothing is as it seems,

as long as we're 
together here, 
who needs reality?

sang my lyrics over wirrow/gwen's amazing song. um... i hope this isn't terrible. <3 be sure to check out metaphorest's song for these lyrics (resourced) - it's the cheerful version. this is the melancholy version...

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