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We Will Never Forget.
OnlyMe Released Sep 11, 2011

I was in the fourth grade. It started out like any other day, until I walked into the class room. There were two people in the room before me. My teacher, and Paul. I started talking to my teacher and she paid absolutely no attention to me. She just stared at the TV, with a look of utter shock. I look over at Paul who is sporting a look of pure confusion as he gazes at the TV. 

I finally turn to see what they are gawking at and see a strange building, with fire and smoke billowing out of one side. I had no idea what the building was, or even if it was in the US. We stood there in silence as we watched the second plane crash into the other tower. 

By this time, I realized something was drastically wrong because my teacher started crying. As students streamed into the room, they were first confused and then frightened by the look on our faces. Each one of them stopped, and stared at the TV. Nobody made a sound. Nobody took their backpacks off. Nobody knew what to do.

I don't remember much of the rest of that day other than this. My Mom would not allow me to walk the 1 and a half blocks home from school. She decided it was just too dangerous. I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom, watching the news, seeing the damage. Hearing President Bush speak, but not comprehending any of it. 

I never knew how much that day would change my life, and the lives of countless others. But I pray the loved ones of those who died that day, have found peace, knowing that we will never forget.