Like most days Patricia and Peter were pondering their perfect lives under their favorite tree. That was when Peter loudly pontificated, “Patricia, are we really happy and pleased?”

So that day she lost the only love she'd ever known. She had never felt so empty, abandoned and alone.

Not even her big baggy jumper could lift the lonesome she felt. Completely frozen was a heart that would once constantly melt.

One day she returned to their favorite tree. But her lovely Peter she did not see.

“Hey there pretty kitty,” out of nowhere a bird flew by and said. "Don't you know there are better things to do than cry and cry and cry until your face is blue?”

“Oh go away you feathered fiend I've had enough. What would an ugly little bird know about love?”

“I don't know about love but I know about life and I know you're not living yours right. If I can't show you how to smile in just one day I promise I will be on my little birdly way.”

So with the birdly bird Patricia decided to fly sky high for just one sunset and one sunny sunrise.

He showed her that she could forget all of the bad things in her life if she sang her heart out for just one night.

“Not so good sometimes things might look, but they'll always seem better when lost inside a book.”

“Your heart's been torn and you're all alone, so let me teach you how sit down and sew.”

So for the rest of the day they just ran around and played.

Patricia had almost completely forgotten how to cry. The sweet birdly bird had truly shown her how to live a better life.

“Thank you my new feathered friend. You have shown me how to be happy again.”


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