As soon as I read Sarah's poem, I immediately had this sound in my head. I hope it does both her words and Mirtle's story justice.

I'd love to see it grow...

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  • Photo_on_2011-01-13_at_17.00
    You, Sparrow, are always a beautiful musical marvel!

    Sep 05, 2011
  • Mirtle
    this is sooo wonderful and emotional..shedding mirtle tears of joy <3
    Sep 06, 2011
    by mirtle
  • Spaceship-1461125
    Oh jeremy..oh oh oh it's wonderful. I love when you build it all up but I oh so love when you strip it back too <3
    Sep 06, 2011
  • Avatar
    such a great chill out tune. Great stuff!
    Sep 06, 2011
    by TeenieR
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