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Fox And Feather
joerud Released Sep 05, 2011

Hello folks,

In finding this specific musical riff, I envisiged what I believe foxes are up to when they're not scurrying away from supposedly hearty human beings.

Despite the wet darkness and the slightly unwelcome feeling of the gardens, the fox cub catches a glimpse of the feather, drifting steadily a mere few inches above his reach. But a healthy leap will be all that's needed.

He jumps.

It was enough, and for a moment, the cub felt an incomparable softness, and with the softness, an equally strong desire. The feather wildly scattered itself lower, towards the mesmerised fox's face, until landing between his eyes. He closed them and the feeling intensified, but, within seconds, vanished as the feather was once again riding the night's gust. The fox began to sprint across the garden in search for the feather and the feeling. It was dark, but his eyes were fast and sharp, he spots the feather cutting through the dim light of a window lamp. But the cub's hopeful eyes were lost when rain fell fast and an early morning light chased the feather past the trees and into the day.

DATE: 7.9.12

Great piece by joerud! Could be a good one to use as a soundtrack to a visual piece or remixed to expand on the story.

Would love to see this one go further!

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