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I tried to write a story connecting the images in mirtle's wonderful series. Hopefully you can see how they match up!

Mary and Anne were inseparable twins

Who had the same hobbies and thought the same things

They shared a peculiar penchant for birds

And spoke in their own secret sisterly words

But there was one difference between the two girls

One looked ever skyward, one looked to the world

And as the years passed, Mary reached for the stars

She sought fame singing old Motown classics in bars

While Anne, ever sensible, found a safe job

And a reasonably good-looking boyfriend called Bob

For years she was happy, least that’s what she thought

The boxes were ticked so she felt as she ought

Although she had drifted apart from her twin

And abandoned the things she was interested in

And forgotten her love for her featherly friends

And was suddenly fixed upon ends meeting ends

But all fell asunder when ol’ Bob came clean

And admitted his feelings had lost their sheen

Suddenly Anne was left all on her own

In the only true solitude she’d ever known

She hid in her over-sized jumper of grief

Or lay under bedclothes and shook like a leaf

Convinced that her person was breaking apart

One day at a time, starting first with her heart

She tried to read novels but it was no good

She couldn’t stop thinking, but wished that she could

So she took herself out to her favourite park

Where she and her sister would talk with the larks

A scarf ‘round her neck and a hat on her head

For once, she was happy to be out of bed

As she walked with the birds, she forgot she was sad

And remembered a dream she and Mary once had

That they, like...

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