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jpp Released Sep 03, 2011

This is a story about a guy named Jeff, who looks surprisingly approachable, astonishingly friendly, and amazingly natural. A guy who you want to call “dude” when you meet him but you don’t know why. Maybe it’s because his entire face literally smiles at you when he talks. Honestly, it’s a bit freaky: when you watch one of the videos he posted on YouTube, you can’t help but be attracted by his magnetic vibes. Jeff may be a professional at seduction because he’s an actor, but how is it possible to be so charming with the same charisma as the guy next door? Is it natural to be so natural? Did he take dietary supplement for that? “RegularJOE here,” is what he writes to introduce himself on the homepage of his Tumblr. “The old media tends to call me Joseph Gordon-Levitt, that being my name and all. Here in the new media, I hit that round red REC button on a regular basis.” What in the hell does he mean by this?

Everybody knows 30-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt who owes his popularity to his role on 3rd Rock from the Sun in the late 90’s. In the TV show, he was about the age of Justin Bieber yet played the oldest alien who lived in the body of a teen. More recently he was Arthur in the very famous film Inception and will soon play the role of a young guy who is diagnosed with cancer in 50/50, a new comedy directed by Jonathan Levine. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not just a successful actor who began his carrier at a really early age. Like the Roman god Janus, he has a dark side. But don’t worry, it’s still the smiling face of a performer and a well rounded artist who wants to be...

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