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There are Bots outside.

The Man knows that the Bots are outside. The Bots are always outside. Searching. Waiting. They don't like the Man. They don't like his people, they don't like what he does. They don't know what he plans to do next, but they're sure they won't like it.

The Man doesn't like the Bots either, but he's found a way to get past them, and onto the future that he's trying to create for himself and others. You see, the Bots, they just want to protect themselves. They tell the people that they're protecting everyone. That they're protecting Art, and Law, and Society.

The Man doesn't agree, but the Bots are too powerful to take on inside the system. So he built his own system.

Joe - for that is the Man's name, no fancy alias, just a Regular Joe - readies himself for the daring running battle he is about to launch in order to get past the Bots. He runs his hands through his hair, straightens his spectacles, checks his shoelaces. Makes sure his camera is ready. Secures a small, round, red button to his blazer.

Tonight, he has planned a special event that will show the Bots a glimpse of the power in his alternative system. Nearly 2000 people, in a public display of solidarity in art. The Fall Formal.

There are Bots outside. Joe must get past them in one piece if he is to strike a real blow against them. He must get past them, and get to the venue. No doubt the Bots will have a few tricks up their articulated metal sleeves, but once he's amongst his people, they will be strong enough to do something extraordinary. No revolution is won by a single person.

On some unseen,...

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