Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

    "When you're filming a movie it's a private process and the public doesn't see it until it's done," Gordon-Levitt says. "But hitRECord's the opposite of that."    

    The very essence of hitRECord's production process lies in collaborative remixing. Projects develop transparently on the site and each incarnation can then be downloaded and developed further by any users.    

    "Getting remixed isn't considered theft on hitRECord," Gordon-Levitt points out. "It's an honor."    

    With over 200,000 uploads on the site, Gordon-Levitt is unable to see them all, but he relies heavily on the feedback from the community to draw him toward projects that have the potential to become money-making productions.    

    On September 20th hitRECord's first anthology, "RECollection vol. 1," will go on sale. Out of the 200,000 records on the site, about 1,000 were used to create the anthology (which contains a DVD of 36 short films, a 64 page book, and a 17 track CD.) "RECollection" is comprised of the work of 471 individual collaborators on the website.    

    "'RECollection' is this huge turning point for hitRECord," Gordon-Levitt says, gripping a copy of the anthology. "You want to know what we're doing? Here's what we're doing."


* In the final paragraph I wrote that Joe was gripping a copy of "RECollection." That was just an assumption and written for effect.