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On a dark haunting night I walk alone with nothing but the trees dancing in the wind and accational screetch owl. Suddenly I hear peculiar noises brushing by. I noticed toM my surprise it's coming from a graveyard. Daringly, I move closer to find a man. I lose concentration briefly, for a family of crows fly away from the creature, flapping through my hair until away through the night sky. I move even closer to notice he's not just any man, but a phantom of sorts. I dare not move, nor speak for loosing the only thing most valuable to me: My life.

He is mumbling something in tounge-Arabic or even Russian. I step on dry leaves which echo into the night sky. My voice and my heart are stuck in my throat. I dare not speak for fear of loosing the only thing most precious to me: My life. As the city of Boston is asleep around me in the haunting night sky, I realize I am meeting eye-to-eye-with this creature. He has oval eyes with piercing yellow pupils. I wish I could step aside and have an out of body experience.

But then I realize something: This man-this creature-this phantom-he is me and I am looking into my own reflection.

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