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TIME Magazine Request
RegularJOE Released Aug 30, 2011


Joel Stein from TIME Magazine needs your help for an article he’s writing about hitRECord.  Listen to the  hour-long interview that Joel and I recorded.  Write a profile based on it’s contents.  

Joel wants to make 2 profile articles with your contributions:

  1. Joel will use quotes from your writings about me and hitRECord in his TIME Magazine article.  

  2. He will direct us in creating an article about hitRECord based solely on all of your contributions. 

There are 3 parts of a profile article that he’d like us to keep in mind when writing. 

  • THE LEDE: An interesting beginning

  • THE BILLBOARD PARAGRAPH: Second or third paragraph that has some hard information, real facts and definitions.

  • THE KICKER: A clever way to sum it all up in the end.

Joel’s article for TIME Magazine is due this Sunday — September 4th.  

Thanks again!


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