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Past Imperfect
JulesKD Released Aug 28, 2011

*I'm adding this to the re: childhood collab after some reflection, because it details a dark experience I had as a child--one which continued in various forms for years--and which shaped me as an adult. It veers into adulthood toward the middle, but I still thought it relevant because things like this do happen to children. Childhood isn't all games and ice cream and innocence. But, I did try to keep it lighthearted. ^_^

ANYway. :) Maybe this is a story about karma, or schadenfreude, or maybe it's about learning to not give a goddamn? Either way, you can watch me tell the story about the time I got stabbed repeatedly with a hypodermic insulin needle, how I (mostly) got over it, what became of the stabber, and watch me walk into a tree.


Well, this record inspired me to do a little digging, and I ended up finding Mr. Stabby's Facebook page.

I don’t know how I feel finding out that he is a sad, angry, lonely, tragic man, plucking around on earth aimlessly and trying to dig up something he knows he can never have. He’s pissed off at women because he can’t “keep one.” He hasn’t ever known love. He’s decided to “become a bastard” so that maybe women will love him.

Dick, YOU STABBED A LITTLE GIRL. Perhaps you’re already a bastard. Maybe that’s the problem? 

But it’s both tragic AND comic to read his status updates.  He just got out of jail, yet again. He still calls himself “the Blind Man” too. Poor, miserable, sad creature. I think I forgive him.

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