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Dream Dream Starfish
rennamix Released Aug 27, 2011

Poem inspired by elayne's picture - thank you


Dream Dream Starfish

One night, a lone starfish dreamt
  of lights that glimmer from way high.
  A certain twinkle catches her eye
from other stars that live in the sky.

She began to shout and cry
“Home is in the sky!
I’ll never be able to get that high!
Oh! I wish I could fly!”

Nearby, was grumpy Mr. Cenacle Crab
“How high is too high to live in the sky?”
“Ha!” he answered, “So high you’ll die!”
The crab scurried away to avoid her sigh.

Then Boisterous Oyster Jr. settled near the starfish
“How high is too high to live in the sky?”
“Not even the amount of pearls to buy 
from me could build a bridge that high!”

Mr. Octopus Ink floated by the duo,
“Excuse me, did you ask how high is too high
to live in the sky? Even though I’m a tough guy
 if I were to try, I would make this dye!”

Lone Star Fish drifted to the coral reefs
“How high is too high to fly to the sky?”
The colorful reefs made no reply.
“Ohhh. I’ll never be able to live up so high.”

Little Lone Star Fish failed to see
that a particular blue whale was nearby,
all the while pitying the starfish’s cry.
“The sky is high, but I’ll help you fly…

No dream is ever just a dream
and everything isn’t as it seems.
Nothing is ever too high,
so go, reach for the sky.”


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