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The florescent light above me buzzes with maliced intentions.  I view my reflection in the dark glass, pale and agitated.

The train moves me forward, chest muscles tighten and fingers drum with controlled hysteria.

Knuckles rap the door: once, twice.  Footsteps shuffle and blots withdraw.

Come inside. I’ve been waiting.


I touch a button on the only clean shirt I could find and for no good reason tell you that I like to eat the pith from an orange skin.  You smile and show me lips, crooked bottom teeth touching tongue.  My hand brushes yours. 


You’re telling me a story about the time you saw a flattened toad on the sidewalk and can’t seem to forget it.  I  remember a crow I once saw on a road, black with one wing askew, a smudge of blood on the tarmac.

I don’t tell you this.

You hand me...

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One to nine
glamourie Released Aug 25, 2011