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Pluie d'une Nuit
Pamagotchi Released Aug 24, 2011

Loved this piece by fleurdelys...I know this is a really simple melody I have made but I would really love it if someone added harmonies to this ^__^

[apologies for any mistakes..>.<]


Les flaques font des arcs en ciel

Qui dansent autour de nos pieds

La peau de la terre et bleue

Elle scinitlle comme les etoiles

De la pluie

Ohhh ce soir mon amour

Ils nous restent que rêver

Les tetes dans les nuages

Je me sens si proche de toi

Un bateau qui embrasse les vagues

Et  ce soir mon amour

Je scintille comme les etoiles

De la pluie

The puddles make rainbows

That dance around our feet.

The skin of the earth is blue

And it sparkles like the stars

In the rain.

Oh, tonight, my darling,

We only have to dream

With our heads in the clouds.

I feel so close to you

Like a boat kissing the waves

And tonight, my darling,

I will sparkle like the stars

In the rain.

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