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I have my coffee, so it’s time for RE-RECs! (And I swear, as soon as I put these up I am going to back to bed to continue sleeping off the most epic hangover ever. So I apologize for any incoherency ahead of time.)


Blot Story: a tiny-mation

By: anhonymousjane

I recc’d an animation by anhonymousjane last week, and I’m doing it again because she did another fantastic job. She used LydiaSaskia’s drawing with Sybilline’s Blot Story and she used “The Professor” by gregoryjmrmr to make a beautiful animation that just tells the story.

Mirtle’s vinyl + sounds

By: suzyrene

It’s that tiny little addition of the white noise to mirtle’s video of the paper record player that does it for me. It adds just a little something, and enhances mirtle’s original record.


By: lizziemackie

I give lizziemackie so much credit for this record, for making it and sharing it. This could not have been an easy thing for her to do, and I applaud her for it.


By: mostly_harmless 

Being fairly new to the site, I stumbled upong the “What is hitRECord?” collab and started going through the videos. I really enjoyed this one by mostly_harmless because of the pace of the video, the music she used, the voice-overs and the images and video all REmixed together into a video that I think grabs your attention and keeps it while explaining what hitRECord is.


Vinyl & friends

Vintage vinyl

By: mirtle

Mirtle’s drawings are beautiful, and they’re so much fun to play around with. These both work well for the vinyl collab, because when I think about vinyl records, these drawings, what is going on in them, is exactly what I think of. Sitting around the record player, whether alone or with friends, going through records and listening to music.

Moving Houses

By: TeenieR

When I saw this drawing, the first thing I thought of was the Cake vs. Pie fights that used to dominate our conversations when I was a commenter on Jezebel because there were always people who were like, “Team Cupcake!” But it’s a cute drawing that tells the story without the need for words. (And that snail totally has the right idea, picking the cupcake as it's new home.)


Having a moment

By: babbish 

I was playing this on my laptop, and my mom heard it and loved it.  Now I’ve got to add it to her iPod for her. It’s just a beautiful little piece of music.

Beautiful Oddity

By: metaphorest

Honestly, I’ve downloaded almost every single song of metaphorest’s. This song, the lyrics, it’s beautiful and gorgeous and has such a strong message. Something that I think isn’t heard enough. 

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