by wirrow
  • Todd
    This is a somewhat different image from you wirrow - not sure what to make of it, but I like it.
  • Spaceship-1461125
    I will be writing or singing something for this for sure. I love that it's dark.
  • Lawrie01
    I like this - it touches on some of the things i like most (completely unrelated to the art here) but on the themes of Princess Monokoke!
  • Drkeditinkybeard
    i know a man. who wears a wolf's head and skin when he hunts. so.. for some reason.. i find this one kinda sexy. in a.. scary dark murderous kind of way.
  • Htrec
    Little Red Riding from the hood must be in town again?
    by Mlo0987
  • Screen%20shot%202012-03-25%20at%2010.34.22%20pm
    Yes! Love this. I think you should do more dark, bloody stuff.
  • 398701_3161413672617_1183570614_3499326_1022730150_n
    I like the visible finger print. :)
  • Snapshot_20120907_8
    dearest wirrow you are ever so talented
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