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Make Believe Twins
messyowl Released Aug 16, 2011

Lionel and Lucielle

Make believe twins

from make believe mothers and fathers. 

And Arnie

(their pretend Pa)

passed around imaginary cigars on their 

made up birthday

(the 34th of October)


(their make believe mum)

sung them made up songs

with her make believe lips

Pretend arnie and make believe Ruth

were imaginary psychologists with 

schizophrenic patients with 

imaginary friends 

Lionel and Lucille wore

artificial clothing and artificial smiles 

playing with their transparent friend 

(ficticious Flora)

They live in a see through house with 

cats and dogs and radios and tv sets

all made up by the in denial minds 

of Felix and Flannery 

whose real lives are like artificial fruit. 

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