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I often look up towards the sky. 

Here's a list of seven reasons why...

One.  The clouds... sometimes I spot images in them as if  they have magically morphed into something for my own personal viewing.  I'll say "Look, see that one?... It's a" (whatever) .  Some are humorous, some are lame, some are ominous, some morph again rapidly, some stay the same.

Two.   Captivating sunsets... Making my loved one's embrace feel warmer than usual while I rest my eyes upon it.  Sometimes soaking it in alone... reflecting upon myself in comparison to the big world that I am a part of.

Three.  Feeling a raindrop on my cheek... I instinctively look up, as if to try and find out exactly where it came from and contemplate if I should go inside or not... seems rather silly... happens every time.

Four.  Big cities and city skylines... Feeling so tiny... craning my neck to see the top of the buildings... I'm amused that they're called skyscrapers.  I like the fact that wherever that term originated from, the sky was thought of fondly.  It seems that the buildings closest to the sky are the ones considered most impressive.

Five.  Fireworks... The unmistakable sound of a firework being ignited automatically sends eyes soaring upward.  The Boom, light, color and sometimes shapes and fizzling sound create a smile on any face... a wide eyed expression, on the faces of young and old.

Six.  The stars... Constellations... pointing them out and trying to remember their shapes and names.  Sometimes just looking at them for their individuality... sometimes collectively...  wishing that there were less...

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