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(I've had a single line of this written for awhile, but was still trying to figure out where to go with it, after reading through Joe's lyrics to "Nothing Big" again, I got inspired and knew where I wanted to take it.  Here's my extended interpretation inspired by the original.)

I don’t wanna take you out dancing on the weekend. I wanna push the couch out of the way and waltz across the living room floor with you, laughing.

I don’t wanna see that romantic comedy playing at the movie theater together. I wanna watch that video I took of you snoring and run through the house while you chase me, trying to pry it from my hands. 

I don’t wanna sleep peacefully through the night next to you. I wanna anxiously toss and turn, waiting for morning to come when I can see you again, messy hair, morning...
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How I'll love you - A poem
blbest Released Aug 10, 2011
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