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Astonishingly, all the awards aimed, again, at Albert's amazing analysis about ants. 

But before the blessing baffled the boy into believing he'd gone berserk,

Christine (his closest cousin, a cold-hearted chick who,

Depending on the day, the diet, and the distracting demolition program, was

Eternally trying to establish an encapsulation error),

Forced Albert to forget the finished work by flaunting her

Gigantic gold-digger good-for-nothing gems on his graceless face. 

Hopefully, Albert thought later on that horrible afternoon, she had

Invented said issues to interrupt the inner workings of Albert's imagination,

Joking about how his job was like a jack-in-the-box, because it

Kept his knowledge in a kaleidoscopic state of 

Leaving every other little detail lying around, looking for a proper lieutenant who wouldn't

Mindlessly and momentarily be mocked by the Marines.

"Nevermind that," said Albert aloud, nodding towards a brand new project, "I shall carry on.

Onwards is the only direction I own as of today".

Proudly, he reached his pupil, Peter, on the phone, and permitted him to photograph the previously

Qualified quail he had requested with such a 

Rampant resolution, regardless of what Regina, Peter's girlfriend, had appointed on his readings. 

"Similarities between said species of stones are to be substituted with sunny subjects", she'd writ. 

To Albert, the stones meant a thourough trick from Christine, whose tendency to mistake a student

Union for an entire universal concept made her unforgettable. 

Valiantly, however, in a very voracious attempt of forgive-to-forget, he expressed his love for her,

Without a doubt, without a warning, and without a fear of wanting her, all whilst playing the

Xylophone. She wore a xyloid-like dress, and in a somewhat xeric voice replied,

"Yes, I love you as well. You're young, you're smart, can we buy a yacht and have a son named

Zimmerman?", and he simply said, "Yes". 

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