Wirrow sign
Unusual Suspect Released Jul 02, 2011

Like so many today or this evening or last night, I'm confused... I bought a tiny stories book and had it signed by RegularJOE. So far so awesome. I then took the long and treacherous journey to West London via the strange vessel night bus and with a combined soundtrack of a man next to me snoring and a group of drunken girls behind me singing Dog Days Are Over - I felt the time was right to reread this lovely book and I found this signature on the title page.

Wirrow had clearly ninja'd over to the signing table and signed as Joe did whilst we were being dazzled by camera flashes for the photos. Such is his skills that he repeated this for every tiny book without being spotted.

He just signed them beforehand you say?

Lies. My version is far more plausible.

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  • Drkeditinkybeard
    yes.. i strongly believe he wears an invisibility hoodie. it's a lot like a cloak. only not as heavy & old timey :D heheh. thanks for sharing this, it's pretty dang cool ^__^
    Jul 03, 2011
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