featherpetal Released Jun 29, 2011

“Inspiration and creativity pour out of my head until I am left empty and alone, sitting in a puddle of my own potential.”

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  • Water
    This is wonderful.
    Sep 24, 2013
  • Red
    This is so cool.
    Jun 29, 2011
    by Braun22
  • Sinnamin-987739
    Awesome, awesome, awesome! :)
    Jun 29, 2011
    by AeB
  • Viktor_enns_fotografie_-_viktor_enns_selbstportrait_web-001
    shweet! gonna remix your remix. you gave me a breakthrough-idea i did not have before for a series of images i am doing. thanks!
    Jul 01, 2011
    by venns
  • 018
    whoa! This is a gorgeous REmix. It made my face light up the instant I saw it. The image bypasses everything else & just slams my brainpan into a state of happiness. Beautiful!
    Jul 01, 2011
  • Dsc_0072a
    @venns: I can't wait to see that breakthrough-idea that this remix (of your image) inspired. :-)
    @Elspeth: I'm happy you're happy! I think triggering emotions with still images is a hard thing to do (for me at least) so I'm glad it worked!
    Jul 01, 2011
  • Matthew_on_a_log_looking_out_to_sea_b_w
    My goodness this is so very beautiful!!
    Jul 01, 2011
  • Red
    I was staying at my cousin's for the last 5 days and looked at this every night. It is beautiful, and I am grateful for creating the puddle of potential. :)
    Jul 02, 2011
    by Braun22
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