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Hi folks!  Welcome to my very first re-recommendation.  Brief, sadly, because I am moving to New York TOMORROW and it’s a Xanax kind of day as you can imagine.  So without further ado:

  1. To see by oksanabo:  Oksanabo is a really enthralling artist, but this particular image really stood out for me because it’s both beautiful and a little disturbing.  On top of that, I liked the symmetry of the arms and the way we can’t see the subject’s face.  The more I look at it the less it seems monstrous and the more it just seems sad, like the subject is ashamed or unable to cope. 

  2. Turnip Man Video Collab by Lawrie Brewster.  This short film that has developed out of Metaphorest’s tragic funny little poem looks like it’s going to seriously rock.  Metaphorest is one of my favorite writers on this site, and as a writer myself, I always love it when something small like a poem can inspire so much creativity and become something really phenomenal because of the collaborative approach that hitrecord embodies.

  3. Twins by Monika Dekowska:  Monika’s work is so distinctive and this particular image is beautiful, surreal and unabashed.  Honestly, this one leaves me at a loss for words. J

  4. Portraits Painted and Not by Bloemday:  These are such a brilliant idea and I’m not just saying it because I’m using one as my profile picture.  Bloemday’s imagination, creativity and vision come through over and over again in these portraits.

  5. Gateway by chariot13:  I’ve seen some very interesting remixes of this photo and I would love to see more done with it.  On the other hand there’s something really entrancing about it’s simplicity, and the way it seems to convey so many different ideas:  hope, possibility, the end of a dark road.  I could write a whole poem about this one.

  6. I Miss You (rough rec) by Dwayne Wegley:  Dwayne is one of those musicians who popped up recently on hitrecord and who keeps releasing song after song that I immediately take to.  Even his demos sound terrific.  Beautiful music, with strong emotion conveyed, he’s quickly becoming someone I look out for every time he releases a record.

  7. An Existential Journey through Space by Ryan Patrick:  A bizarre but imaginative and sort of serene take on Matt Conley’s terrific tiny story.  I like it when a remix takes the original record in a totally new direction while still preserving the essence of the original piece and I think that’s what has happened here.  I’d love to see this developed further.

  8. Music videos by cerebis: Cerebis is one of my favorite videographers and has an incredible knack, not just for shooting gorgeous and effective footage but for finding music that perfectly melds with it.  This guy really has collaborative spirit (check out the albums of stock footage he’s uploaded for your remixing pleasure) and I’m constantly inspired to write when I watch his videos.  Beautiful, understated work!

  9. Awoken by Gunfire by chigwinkle:  Holy shit, this guy knows how to hit those high notes!  And his beautiful harmonies are reminiscent of Brian Wilson.  Not the sort of song I was expecting from the title but that makes it even better. 

Well, folks, that’s all I have time for this week.  See you next time (maybe even on video!)

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