Dear Wind (chariot remix)
chariot13 Released ago

Dear Wind, Thank you for teaching me to dance.  Sincerely, Hair

In LOVE with this image remix from belcath1981. I decided to shorten ScarletEyes' tiny story to fit the image better.

Download the high res to read it easier. :)



(Note: The font I used here is Archive Roundface Script. It's not a public domain font but I believe it's one that came with the version of Photoshop that I own. I'm unclear on copyright issues for fonts and how it works on hitRECord. If I'm violating something please let me know and I'll take it down. I actually also think this would be cooler if someone wrote it out in their own handwriting and remixed it in. If you want to remix, let me know and I can upload a zip of the layers.)

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